Activity #1 – Gift of Love Movie


Hey Kids! 😃😃😃 Happy School holidays and welcome to day 1 of our special blog post series! 👍👍 We have a lot of very exciting and fun things planned for the next 2 weeks. So make sure to check back every week day for the next activity/freebie or subscribe to our blog to receive it straight to your inbox.

Let’s get to it! 😉

We wanted to share this 1/2 hour movie that the film makers have allowed people to watch for free. We enjoyed watching this on one of our birthdays last year, and hope you like it too. Here’s what it’s about!

“Life was hard in the Old Northwest Territory in the early 1800s, especially for the White family after the death of Pa. When Maddy discovers an old trapper who is also going through hard times it becomes a test of their faith and obedience to God displayed in their home by the cross-stitch “Love your neighbour as yourself.” 

Did you have fun? What life lesson did you learn? Leave us a comment below. 👇👇👇

Tomorrow we’ll be back with day #2’s activity.  The next one is something you can make at home using pegs. Do you have any idea what it might be? 🙂

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