Activity #10 Make Your Own Play dough


Ever made your own play dough? If not, here’s the recipe to try.

*Ask your parents to help you make this

Homemade Playdough

In a saucepan put the dry ingredients:

  1. 125grams Cream of Tartar
  2. 4 cups Self-Raising Flour
  3. 2 cups salt

In another container put:

  1. 4 cups of water
  2. 6 dessert spoons of cooking oil
  3. Food colouring of your choice

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix to a dough.

Cook over low to medium heat until it changes in appearance.

When it is partly cooled knead.

Let cool before using.

Something my siblings and I used to play with our dough was bakeries. We’d make different types of food (ie pies, and biscuits) and sell them to mummy to ‘eat.’ We used to use rolling pins and plastic cookie cutters to make play dough biscuits. Mummy used to let us pretend to cook them in the oven. (It wasn’t turned on! 😛 )

Have fun with your play dough! What will you make? You could sculpture an animal, roll a long snake, or play bakeries!

(Keep reading for a poem at the end of this post.)

Well, that’s the end of our school holiday blog post activities. If you enjoyed any of the crafts, movies, or other things, please leave us a comment or shoot us an email to let us know! We’d love to hear from you. Do you think we should do it again next school holidays? PLEASE, let us know!

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We hope these activities have helped your family make some fun memories!

May your family be the stick together kind!

Until next time, The Long Gully Press Team

The Stick-Together Families

By Edgar Guest


The stick-together families are happier by far
Than the brothers and the sisters who take separate highways are.
The gladdest people living are the wholesome folks who make
A circle at the fireside that no power but death can break.
And the finest of conventions ever held beneath the sun
Are the little family gatherings when the busy day is done.

There are rich folk, there are poor folk, who imagine they are wise,
And they’re very quick to shatter all the little family ties.
Each goes searching after pleasure in his own selected way,
Each with strangers likes to wander, and with strangers likes to play.
But it’s bitterness they harvest, and it’s empty joy they find,
For the children that are wisest are the stick-together kind.

There are some who seem to fancy that for gladness they must roam,
That for smiles that are the brightest they must wander far from home.
That the strange friend is the true friend, and they travel far astray
they waste their lives in striving for a joy that’s far away,
But the gladdest sort of people, when the busy day is done,
Are the brothers and the sisters who together share their fun.

It’s the stick-together family that wins the joys of earth,
That hears the sweetest music and that finds the finest mirth;
It’s the old home roof that shelters all the charm that life can give;
There you find the gladdest play-ground, there the happiest spot to live.
And, O weary, wandering brother, if contentment you would win,
Come you back unto the fireside and be comrade with your kin.




By Long Gully Press

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