Activity #4 – “Peace, Be Still”


Feel like a story?! Today we have a free e-book for you. It’s about . . .

“Twelve-year-old Keith is left in charge of the lighthouse and his two younger siblings while his dad goes out in the storm to help a ship in distress. As the long night passes with waves pounding against the lighthouse, fear threatens to engulf him.

Can Keith stay awake and keep the lights burning? Will he worry away the night, or will he find comfort and peace in trusting God’s promises.”

Sound like fun?! It is! 🙂 Click Here to download and read it.

Did you like the story? Who’s your favourite character? Did the story end the way you expected? Make our day and comment below! 👇👇👇

See you again soon. Clue for tomorrow – You need baking soda, a bottle and vinegar. Any guesses???

By Long Gully Press

God-honouring products for families!

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