Activity #7 – Homemade Soccer Table


Like table soccer, but don’t have a soccer table? Make your own!

*Note: Make sure you ask your Mum or Dad to help you with this project

Here’s what you need:

  1. A box
  2. Clothes pegs
  3. Table tennis/ping pong ball
  4. 4 bamboo garden stakes/ something straight (you’ll see what for and can find something suitable)
  5. Scissors
  6. Ruler
  7. Pen

And here’s how to make it:

We used a box that had a lid, so we didn’t have to cut ours to the right shape.

  1. So cut your box so it looks like ours. 😛
  2. With your pencil and ruler, mark lines where the goals will be.
  3. Ask your parents to cut them out
  4. Mark where the holes for the sticks should go – space them evenly
  5. Ask your parents to help you make the holes with some scissors
  6. Poke your sticks thorough the holes
  7. Clip the pegs into position on the stakes
  8. Play table soccer!

Enjoy! First person to 5 goals wins! Ready, Set, Go!


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