The Eden String Quartet

Sibling Unity. A Family Working Together. Bound by the Love of God.

The Eden String Quartet is one of our family favourites! It tells the story of Megan, Krista, Leah, and Therese Miller. But more than that, it’s a tale of God’s faithfulness over multiple generations. This documentary follows the Miller family through their day to day tasks on a large farm, home-schooling, cooking, music teaching, visiting the elderly, and the list goes on. Interspersed with the rich melodies of classics and hymns, every minute is engaging. Through it all, their faith in God and love for each other shines out. And this is why we love it!Eden-String-Quartet

As a musician (or anyone for that matter) you can’t help but be inspired by their lovely music.

Each time we watch this dvd, (and we’ve watched it quite a lot!) we feel motivated–inspired to work harder, encouraged to love God, and determined not to sacrifice what is important.

The Eden String Quartet–A Bountiful Blessing!



By Long Gully Press

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