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If you like exciting happenings and good books, this post is for you.¬†ūüôā So keep reading!





You’re witnessing one of the most exciting moments for an author! Getting not one, but a whole box of books to¬†gaze at and touch!¬†You just want to¬†hold it and make¬†sure its real!!













The smile says it all ūüėÄ











Dah, dah! Meet Gift of God. A tale about one of the most thrilling events in a family–the birth of a child! This is not just another “new baby story”.



It’s a story about an awesome Creator and His purpose for families.




And it’s full of bright colours and engaging text that will captivate your child. They won’t even realise that their lives are being shaped and moulded in God’s ways at the same time as enjoying¬†this fun story!



“When the last crumb was finished, Daddy set up his laptop on the coffee table, and we did some research on babies. We found out that before mothers even know they’re pregnant, the baby’s arms and legs are developing . . . Wow! God has designed us in a wonderful way . . . Never could the most experienced inventor make something as complex as the human body . . .”

Gift of God excerpt

Book #6 takes its place on the stack!

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