Ever heard of Dexters?


It’s taken awhile to post a photo of Peggy’s calf, but here it is! šŸ˜€ Her name is Daisy!

IMG_9245[1]This photo was taken right after she’dĀ  finished having a big drink! See all that foam! šŸ˜€ She looks quite big compared to one of our newer calves! šŸ™‚ Here are some photos of him.


IMG_9216[1] copyIMG_9159[2]IMG_9183[1]This bull-calf is a Dexter. Dexter’s are a miniature breed of cows. They’re know for being really good mothers and they’re a lot easier to manage than most cows because of their size. Plus they’re also multipurpose because they’re good for milking and beef. We love our Dexters!

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