Children of the Storm


The autobiography of Natasha Vins (Georgi Vins’ daughter) during her sufferings in Communist Russia

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Children of the Storm is the autobiography of Natasha Vins whose father Georgi Vins was a leader in the underground church of the Soviet Union before the end of the Cold War. When Georgi is forced to spend time in hiding and in prison, Natasha looks to her beloved grandmother Babushka for guidance. In her teen years, Natasha begins to see that doors close to those who remain faithful to Christ. In a homeland that demands that she embrace communistic ideals and deny the existence of God, will she follow Christ into a life of poverty and hardship, or will she renounce her parents’ Christ for the opportunities which higher education has to offer?

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“The story of a young woman who grew up in Soviet Russia–daughter of a Baptist pastor who was sent to Siberia for hisuncompromising faith. A role model for any young person who may be struggling with the desire to “fit in” with this culture. Her relationship with Jesus Christ was more valuable to her than anything this world could offer, and she was ready to pay the price.”

“Good story about a young girl and her struggles inside the Communism of her homeland. It gives a peek into what people face in a country where religion is not a free choice and how difficult it would be to grow in the face of such adversity. It was an inspiring story.”

“Wow, this was a great story of faith and persistence. Natasha gives an accurate account of what the persecuted church went through under the communist rule. A society should learn from history, and this is a good lesson in letting go of individual freedoms and its consequences.”

“Excellent biography of the Vins family, and the persecution they dealt with in living and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Reminds us all to be thankful for the freedoms we have to worship the Lord as we see fit.”

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